We believe and create from the Soul

La cosmovisión Andina nos enseñó que todo se mueve desde el alma, las grandes cosas nacen y crecen desde ella; y es con esta visión que hemos nacido.

En Alma Inca nos alejamos de la indiferencia, los brindis sin alma, sin historia y sin sentido; las exclusividades, y el preocuparse más por la competencia que por la propia esencia.

Trabajamos para que cada producto nuestro rinda tributo y beneficios a aquellos que trabajan por nuestra cultura, los que mantienen vivo nuestro legado, y los que suman diferente, para los que  saben que el mundo necesita de cada uno para ser mejor.

Esta es nuestra esencia, acompáñanos a conocerla.


Our Products






We distill and create with the Soul, with the Soul of Peru. 

Rested of Peruvian yellow hot pepper: Inspired in the Soul of our millenary gastronomy, the gastronomy of the INCAS.

Coca Leaf Distillate: Inspired in the ceremonial Soul, in 5000 years of ancient habits, a leaf used by the INCAS to pay tribute to nature, their Gods, and give energy to their Chaskys.

Rested of Andean herbs: Inspired by the Soul of our traditional medicine, INCA medicine, based on plants, and the spirit of plants.

Pure Quebranta Pisco: Inspired in the soul of our Peruvian valleys, and in the pride of being our distillate and flag grape; named Pisco by the word INCA "Pisko" which the ancients used for the quantity of birds of the coastal zones.


Alma Inca vive por los que quieren brindar con consciencia, aquellos que se sienten orgullosos de su legado, e intentan  conocer, preservar y proteger la herencia de nuestras culturas prehispánicas. 

Tor eso hemos creado este espacio, trabajado de la mano de nuestro partner «Salvemos las Huacas« para contribuir en el rescate de nuestra historia, un rescate que estamos logrando un brindis a la vez.






Nuestros eventos buscan hacer de algunos de tus momentos cotidianos algo diferente, espacios en los cuales brindaras, aprenderas e interactuaras con la cultura ancestral del Perú. 

Little by little all of us who are in love with culture and history connect. Look to your left to see the events that have already taken place.


If you want to propose one, write to us.


More than clients, we consider them friends, because they believed in our essence and work. We invite you to visit them, you are going to live a great experience.



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Queremos conectar con los que quieren brindar por su cultura, por eso si quieres ser el primero en probar nuestros productos, ir a nuestros eventos o conocer un poco más del legado prehispánico de nuestro Perú, por favor déjanos tu correo y te enviaremos información de Alma Inca.

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The chicha de jora, is the nectar of our Incas, the gift they left us and which they took and evolved from all previous cultures; The corn, chicha base input, has been found in remains of civilizations such as Caral, Therefore we do not spare to say that our Chicha has a history of more than 5000 years.

Legend has it that the Inca Tupac Yupanqui sent to discard a corn which has fermented by the rains of the time, and it seemed que no servia; sin saberlo un indígena paso por la zona donde se había depositado, y al ver el liquido quiso probarlo, consumiendo la bebida y embriagándose. Al revisar que paso, se dieron cuenta de las propiedades del maíz y su fermentación, convirtiéndose poco a poco en una bebida de enorme valor para todo el imperio. Este acto, el cual en nuestros tiempos llamaríamos serendipia fue el que dio vida a lo que hoy conocemos como chicha de Jora.  Esta bebida milenaria, Alma del Perú Cultural, nos ha inspirado a crear nuestro cocktail «Bebida de los Dioses» el cual está servido en un hermoso mate burilado.

Technique: Stirring



The Yellow Peruvian Aji, the basis of our cuisine, was an indispensable input in the diet, ceremonies, and even torture of the majority of our pre-Hispanic cultures; its importance is denoted in the different engravings, or paintings where he is portrayed with different anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures, from cultures such as Caral, Mochica, Chimu and Inca.

That is why we decided not only to pay tribute to it, but to create a distilled whose main ingredient is our Yellow Aji, a Peruvian Yellow Aji which served even as currency, and which in a combination with salt and chicha, was a ceremonial habit.

«Tributo a Uchu» es un cocktail que le rinde homenaje a la combinación de la chicha, la sal y el Ají Amarillo para dar fin al ayuno ritual de nuestros Incas.

Technique: Shaking


Cultivado en nuestros Andes Peruanos, el Maíz Morado, ha sido utilizado por miles de años como fuente de alimentación, veneración a la madre naturaleza, y parte de los hábitos y culturas de los antiguos peruanos. Desde las culturas preIncas hasta nuestros días, ha sido utilizado y admirado. Hoy es insumo protagonista de nuestra gastronomía, siendo la base de nuestra afamada Chicha Morada. Por eso le rendimos homenaje con un cocktail denominado «El Maíz del Inca» servido en un místico Kero, inspirado en los artesanos Incas.


Technique: Shaking


Alma Inca se inspira en los que trabajan por la familia, aman la cultura y quieren un mundo mejor. Hace poco vimos partir a quien fue y será uno de nuestros grandes ejemplos. El Sr. Miguel Romero Fuentes [95]. En tu honor «El Caballero Arequipeño»

With what you liked so much:

Technique: Shaking


A different Tuesday night for 16 people, where they could enjoy a delicious chilcano and participate in a fun and simple memory game inspired entirely by the millenary cultures of our Peru, the INCAS and PREINCAS. It was a fun night that brought us closer to our ancestral past.

We had some special guests, who told stories of what we were seeing. With the support of the games of the Inca, an excellent cultural alternative:

Would you like to learn a bit of art and huacas while ypu drink a delicious chilcano? In this episode we did just this, we were inspired by the ancient architecture of our Lima, structures Ychmas, and INCAS, and with the company of painter Alfonso Huamani: we made watercolors inspired by our millenary Apus.

The people who attended didn't need previous experience, just a lot of desire and love for their culture.

Can you imagine connecting with your story while you drink a delicious chilcano? this is what we are looking for with the cycle of talks "Chilcanos with history".

Hand in hand with experts and citizen initiatives, we made known a part of history about the legacy of our ancient Peru, and why it is so necessary to value, rescue and preserve our pre-Hispanic heritage, the INCA and PREINCA heritage.

This Episode 1 was inspired by Ghost Huacas in Lima, by Archaeologist Jovelos:

Let's remember, every time we walk through Lima we are unknowingly interacting with a millenary legacy, the legacy even of the INCAS, let's not allow it to disappear.

Pure Pisco quebranta "Espíritu Auqui" (Auqui Spirit).

Harvested in the generous valleys of Ica and handcrafted with the respect of being the flag drink of our Peru, it represents the warrior who wants with work to become the best.

GL: 41* Presentation: 750ML, 2 - 4 Lts.

Aroma: Fair expression between nuts and alcohols of the vine.

Taste: Impetuous and elegant, with harmony, unctuousness, structure and medium persistence; with a delicate finish.

Young rested of "Andean Herbs".

Its aromas and flavors bring back memories of home, the countryside, the grandmothers and the soul of the Andean medicine, which still surprises us, that of our INCAS. So we decided to create this rested, is a potion between our Pisco, herbs, and fruits. Little by little we improved paying tribute to the Pacha.

GL: 38* Presentation: 750 ML.

Color: Green terracotta.

Aroma: Explosion of freshness, nuances of plants such as muña, with citrus tints, and sensations of infusion.

Taste: Herbaceous, with subtlety in the mouth, and slight natural sweetness in the tongue; it is kind virtuous, and precise for different moments. It never loses its complexity as an Andean distillate.

"Peruvian coca leaf" Distillate.

Our distillate of sacred leaf is a tribute, it is an act of responsibility and love for the legacy of our INCAS; a legacy that today is stained by those who using part of it turned it into drugs, violence and death.

Our coca leaf is our sacred plant, it is payment to the land, it is friendship, it is work, it is millenary history.

This is why we have taken one of our best leaves, Cuzqueñas, and with a process of experts like ENACO, we created a distillate, that with Peruvian cane, will travel around the world removing the stain and educating about the reality of a leaf that is not black, is sacred.

GL: 41* Presentation: 750 ML.

Color: Transparent.

Aroma: An aroma of coca leaf, with caramel dyes, pleasant and invites to know.

Taste: It is the representation of the land from where we come, intense flavors, but with balance, the strength of a distillate made leaf, sacred leaf, coca leaf.

Young rested from " Millennial hot pepper ".

We pay tribute to one of the forerunners of our gastronomy. The Uchu of the Andes was used by most of our civilizations, and especially by the Incas, and is now one of our main inputs, which we rest with respect in our noble Pisco Quebranta. Our rested, is the synergy between the peasants, the history and the gastronomy of our INCAS.

GL: 40* Presentation: 750 ML.

Color: Golden.

Aroma: has the nuances of the hot pepper, with strength, but without aggressiveness: allows you to remember or build flavor from the smell.

Taste: A balanced entry, when resting in tongue denotes the flavor of synergy, distillate, which rests in tongue: later magic happens, in its fall and with a delicate spicy, lets you know that you are tasting Peru.

Alma Inca nace de un sueño, de una pasión. Soñamos con una marca que genere un manera de brindar diferente, una que represente con orgullo nuestra identidad cultural, y rinda tributo a todos aquellos que trabajan día a día por descubrir y preservar nuestra historia milenaria, esa historia desde Caral, Los Wari, Los Chavin, Los Nazca, y más, hasta el imperio de nuestros Incas; esa historia que es a su vez nuestra mayor herencia, una herencia que demuestra al mundo que nuestra tierra, es cuna de la civilización, la creatividad, el ingenio, y la sabiduría.

Llevamos en cada uno de nuestros productos con pasión y respeto los sabores de nuestra gastronomía milenaria, las costumbres de nuestras tierras y campesinos, la iconografía de nuestros artesanos y la sabiduría de nuestras culturas antiguas construyendo así una especie de «Qapaq Ñham» uno que permita a través de un brindis acercar nuestra historia milenaria al mundo.

Por este objetivo trabajamos duro (te interesa sumarte a Alma Inca, escríbenos). Llevaremos diversidad y sabor del Perú a los brindis del mundo; insertaremos nuevos sabores y experiencias en el paladar de las bebidas a nivel mundial, y generaremos los suficientes recursos para proteger nuestras Wacas, impulsar las iniciativas ciudadanas que trabajan por la cultura, y preservar las costumbres, y sabiduría de nuestros campesinos; conectando así todas las personas con una imperio que también les pertenece.

If you dream of something similar, it will be an honor for us that you are part of the Alma Inca family, because among conscious souls we understand each other :).

Try our products, request a sample here :)